GrayScale Liquids
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I started vaping years ago, (after trial and error have now been off of cigs for over a year) and have tried many different e-liquids from cheap bulk bottles that never satisfy to the over priced premium liquids that make you wish you would never run out.  I decided that I should make my own and after a lot of trial and error have come up with some great combinations that do not disappoint.  I want to share them with the world so that everyone knows that it doesn't cost and arm a leg to get a great vape.  I am not looking at making a huge profit, just enough to keep making more.  If you have any questions or comments please contact me at [email protected]  I am always trying new combinations to create great vapes and would love suggestions.  I create all of my liquids in a clean environment with clean instruments and accurate measurements.  I am committed to delivering you a great liquid at a reasonable price.
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